Youth Resource Program

Huntington Family Centers, Inc. continues our over 80-year commitment to youth and teens. The primary long-term goal of Huntington’s Youth Resource Program is to reduce incidents of juvenile criminal behavior and involvement in social welfare in our community. Youth served by this program live in an environment where drugs, crime, delinquency, truancy and adolescent pregnancy are prevalent.

Huntington’s Youth Resource Workers’ primary function is to help youth develop healthy and productive relationships with the adults in their lives, with special emphasis on engaging the whole family in treatment. The program utilizes a qualified, committed Board of Directors and staff that believe in the dignity and self worth of all individuals.

The focus of Huntington’s Youth Resource Program are young people ages 13-19 who are disconnected from the mainstream of society and at high risk of poor life outcomes due to criminal behavior, school truancy/dropout, substance abuse, pregnancy or parenthood. The Youth Resource Program works with the entire family in order to create positive long term changes in youth.

Youth Resource Workers:

  • Help strengthen relationships between youth and their families, community members, peers and school/employers
  • Function as mentors and “Relationship coaches”
  • Help youth develop their goals
  • Help youth complete their education
  • Help youth find employment
  • Help reduce youth’s involvement in the juvenile/criminal justice system

Youth Resource Workers will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment
  • Develop a goal plan with the youth utilizing data collected during the assessment
  • Link youth to needed services
  • Assist youth in troublesome relationships they may have with family members, school officials, and other members of the community 
  • Meet with youth and their families twice per month or as needed.

Referrals are accepted from parents, teens, service providers and schools.