Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

The goal of CAPP is to educate teens about their sexual health and development and to assist them in making safe choices.  This age-appropriate sexuality education has been shown to be successful in reducing teen pregnancy.  Along with education on life skills, healthy relationships, financial literacy and self esteem the CAPP program aids youth in becoming independent, self aware young adults.  Parental involvement is important to the success of students and, together, Huntington and parents can promote sexual health for teens residing in Onondaga county.


  • For students in middle and high school who are at risk for unsafe sexual behavior
  • Offered at area middle/high schools and youth organizations
  • Age appropriate and free
  • A place to learn safe choices
  • A place to learn about healthy relationships, life skills, financial literacy, and career development
  • A bridge to reproductive healthcare through Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Services


  •  Comprehensive, age appropriate, evidence based sexuality education
  •  Referrals to Planned Parenthood, Family Planning Services, family doctors, etc.
  •  Peer support, friendship, and confidentiality
  • Encourages self esteem and personal development

CAPP Teaches and Promotes:

  • Safe choices for teens in the community
  • Self esteem and independence
  • Financial literacy
  • Career and education development and exploration
  • Life skills

CAPP Will:

  • Help teens prevent pregnancy
  • Help teens access community resources
  • Improve communication between parents and teens about sexual health