Huntington Observation and Parent Education

Huntington Observation and Parent Education (HOPE) program is a supervised visitation and parent education program for parents with children in foster care. The primary goal of the program is to safely reunify families.

The HOPE Program has Several Components:

  • Pre Counseling
  • Visitation
  • Post Counseling

Typically, once a week parents start by receiving a half hour of pre-counseling, a one hour visit with their children, and a half hour of post-counseling. Increased visitation time occurs as parents progress. Visits can also occur in the home and community when deemed appropriate. Parents are provided individual and group education and instruction based on the National Extension Parent Education Model of Critical Parenting Practices.

Families are discharged from the HOPE program:

  • When children are returned from foster care
  • When termination proceedings end
  • At the end of the current month after the parents, Department of Social Services, courts or HOPE staff make the decision to discontinue services
  • When service is deemed no longer appropriate, beneficial or in the best interest of the parent, child or service plan


HOPE referrals come through the Department of Social Services. Families will be considered for services as space becomes available.

Program Supervisor

Renee Ridgeway