Hello Baby Program

Huntington Family Centers' Hello Baby program is:

  • A program designed to assist pregnant and postpartum women to care for themselves and their children
  • For pregnant and postpartum women (6 weeks after delivery) who have a child three (3) years of age and under.  Fathers and significant others are encouraged to participate
  • Moms/Moms-to-be are encouraged to bring documentation/verification of attending routine and regular doctor/medical and WIC appointments to support best possible pregnancy outcomes, deliveries, and healthy babies and moms
  • Voluntary and free
  • For anyone in Onondaga County

This program provides group education to reduce barriers to accessing medical care during and after pregnancy.

Group instruction topics include:

  • Early infant care (holding, crying, bathing, car seat safety)
  • Child development
  • Videos, books, trainings, and demonstration on child care issues
  • Speakers from other community services

Hello Baby Offers:

  • Support and education at a weekly group on Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 PM
  • Free childcare during group time
  • Bus fare to and from group, if needed
  • A healthy snack
  • Home visits on an as-needed basis
  • Referrals/linkage to community resources

Program Goal:

To support best possible pregnancy outcomes, deliveries, and healthy babies and moms through a weekly support and education group and individual support as needed.

Program participants are linked to other existing Huntington services as well as to community agencies such as:
  • Onondaga County Health Department: Prenatal clinics, health services, car seat training, the Syracuse Healthy Start Program, and WIC
  • Onondaga County Department of Social Services
Program Supervisor

Colleen Belge