Family Support Network

Huntington’s Family Support Network began as a pilot program in 1985. This unique year-round parenting program for parents of all learning abilities places an emphasis on learning through a variety of approaches. The goal of the program is to improve family functioning and to help parents develop the skills, abilities and insights to successfully care for their children.

The Family Support Network program provides support and home visitation on an as-needed basis to pregnant/parenting adults. Group sessions take place three mornings a week and provide parenting education, basic life skills, information and linkages to other community programs. The group experience promotes peer support, fosters friendships and lessens feelings of isolation.

Family Support Network Program is:

  • For pregnant mothers and parents of all ages
  • Voluntary and free
  • Ongoing parent training and education
  • A place to gain personal growth skills
  • A place to learn daily living skills
  • A place for peer support and friendship
  • A place for parents of all abilities to learn together

Family Support Network Program provides:

  • Groups sessions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon. There are scheduled breaks in the class calendar.
  • Child care (during group)
  • Tokens for transportation to and from group
  • Crisis intervention
  • Advocacy
  • Linkage to other community resources
  • Home visits on an as-needed basis
  • A team of workers that will offer you help and support

Parents Advisory Board

The Parents Advisory Board is a monthly group for parents with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities who gather to support one another, discuss IEPs and CSE meetings, and learn about additional resources and services available in the community.

Program Supervisor

Colleen Belge